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Smart TV solutions

Today’s consumer want to explore the limitless world of the web from their TV. Smart TV manufacturers require a browser with support for the latest standards, content types, and security across chipsets. The Espial TV Browser ensures an engaging Smart TV browsing experience & exceptional performance across the widest range of websites. Offering broad international standards support – including HTML5, HbbTV, Hybridcast – consumers anywhere can enjoy their favourite websites, on-line and interactive content.

Espial Smart TV Solutions

Boundless web – from the living room

Overviewing how espial's smart TV solution works


All this and so much more

Broad standard support

HTML5, HbbTV, Hybridcast and more

Unbeatable performance

Fast 2D and 3D animation performance, quick loading time & picture perfect rendering

Quick time to market

Standard API support for quick deployments

Seamless TV browsing experience

Optimized browsing & easy remote control navigation

Customizable to meet your needs

With SDK, customers can port and customize the browser UI on their own

Favourite apps

Easy access today’s staples – YouTube, Hulu and more

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