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I’m in RDK: Jaison Dolvane in latest issue of the RDK newsletter


Espial CEO and co-founder Jaison Dolvane discusses RDK and company evolution in latest edition of RDK report.

Via the RDK Report Winter Fall 2015

It’s one thing to have caught a glimpse, in 1999, of the landscape we now variously call “TV Everywhere” and “multi-platform video.” It’s quite another to still be standing, long after the 2001 tech bubble collapse that sank so many, and amid the detritus of the “web pads” and “Internet appliances” that gave way to today’s tablets and “smart” screens.

Yet that’s the genesis and reality of Espial, an RDK stalwart in the set-top client software community. Its co-founder and CEO, Jaison Dolvane, is both RDK pioneer and futurist. He was among the first to visually demonstrate the user experience promise of RDK — showing on the 2013 NCTA Imagine Park stage a stunner of a UX, with jacket art that swept, swiftly and smoothly, across a gamut of display devices.

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