Content Everywhere- Elevate app on Mobile and iPad

Published on 13/06/2019

Category: Innovation

At home, we consumer video on TV, while traveling we watch on the phone, and when flying, we prefer on an iPad. Content may be the same, but we wish to consume on all possible platforms available. With our Elevate app, your subscribers can consume content on mobile and iPad both. 

Check out the smooth and easy interface on our Elevate by Espial mobile app.

1. Check the top trending shows

2. Scroll around your favorite channels and shows

3. Filter HD channels

4. Look for shows on a specific date.

5. Easily search for your favorite show.

If you wish to have a hands-on experience on our app, reach out to us here. 

Mick McCluskey

VP Product Management

Mick McCluskey

VP Product Management

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